WhY VancouveR?

Why is Vancouver the only major ‘funeral market’ the chains have been able to capture?
When I speak to my peers of challenges we face with the practices of big businesses in this region, most of them most often are surprised. The reason is that the way business is done here is different than in many other cities. Here are some questions for you to think about:
1) Should people serving people grieving, be allowed to be paid on commission?
2) Should commissioned sales people be allowed to telephone solicit?
3) Should cemeteries be allowed to exclude competing funeral homes from booking services in their chapels?
4) Why should people have to buy a cement covering, or even a sarcophagus for their casket?
5) Should stock-market listed chain-owned funeral homes have to have their real owner’s names on their signs?
6) Should virtual funeral homes have to say where their real offices are located, if they even have any?
7) Should funeral homes be allowed to use hospitals as ‘cold-storage’ facilities, in lieu of being required to have these facilities themselves?
What do you all think?

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