Cheeky Canadians!

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Saturday October 5th, 2019, Michael Moore told 700 people I’m a good looking guy, he was only kidding, but it’s what he said after that blew me away.  I am completely Canadian, but my mother was an American citizen when I was born, so I’ve always felt kind of ‘Bi’! What Michael went on to say was that to America, Canada was a true friend.  “You know why?” he asked us. “Because only a true friend, can tell you when you’re wrong!” (Vietnam, Cuba, Iraq, the War on Terror)

On November 25th, I’m publishing my book on how Wall St.’s invasion of my profession’s completely delicate ecosystem, funeral service, is equally wrong.  Sadly our American funeral friends have been a bit slower joining this fight.  We Canadians opposed the attempt of the biggest American Funeral Conglomerate, Service Corporation International of Houston Texas, to trademark ‘Family Funeral Care’, both in Canada and the US.  The day we Canadian family firms beat them, 4,000 US family funeral homes joined the fight, forming the ‘PST (Prevent SCI’s Trademark) Fund’.  Has any other sector of the economy taken back 70% of what Wall and Yonge Streets stole?

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