Life’s Turns

Hi everyone, welcome to my site.  On Remembrance Day, 1978, my ‘iron-willed’ grandma called me up, a fourth year philosophy student (ya, I was getting a degree in ‘becoming unemployable’, all it taught me was how to argue), she told me she wanted me to come see her
When I got there, she sat me down, handed me a cup and saucer of steaming tea and said: “Tommy, if you don’t quit school today, and take over the family business, it’s going to be sold to somebody named Ray Loewen, and I want you to go think about that!”
Wow!  I’d vowed I wasn’t going to be a funeral director, every time my Uncle Frank Kearney was seen in the neighbourhood, I get ribbed for weeks about being ‘the undertaker’s nephew’.  In retrospect I have no idea why my class mates thought that was funny?
At the same time I felt my Uncle was a pretty kind and wonderful man, and I’d never heard a kind word said about Ray Loewen, so the  ext day, I went out to school and quit.
I thought I was surrendering to the quiet routine of the family business.  But when the company accountant and lawyer told me they were sorry I quit, because I was about to go bankrupt, I discovered I’d actually just married a ‘firestorm’, only this firestorm accidentally made me an activist, and taught me a few lessons I hope could empower others.  That’s the purpose of my story, it became the purpose of my life, so please stay tuned?

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